BodyWell Remedial Exercise & Registered Massage Therapy

Magic happens when we address what’s behind the symptom, and not just the symptom itself.

Take control

Most people struggle to get the lasting relief they're looking for.

Getting symptom relief without actually addressing the underlying reasons behind your troubles will have you stuck on repeat. 

At BodyWell, we want to help you become aware of your body’s subtler signals, develop clarity about your symptom’s sources and learn how to effectively manage them. 

We help you, help yourself

How Do We Get Started?

Step 1

We will assess your situation and discuss your goals

Step 2

We will create a custom strategy to meet your individual needs

Step 3

We can work together regularly to keep you on track

Our Therapists

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Heather Green RMT, IAYT
Lorraine Robinson RMT
Alison Nowak RMT

Book A Massage

A massage therapist’s scope of practice is the assessment, treatment and prevention of dysfunction, injury and pain in soft tissues using movement, remedial exercise and manual techniques. 

Massage calms the nervous system, decreases muscular guarding and lessens symptom intensity so you can move with more freedom and better practice self-care. 

Explore your Movement

Here’s a video demonstrating how you can take a bigger movement and break it down into component pieces. 

Take the time to notice how the different parts of your body work together or against each other. Notice the sensations you feel throughout your body.

Learn your body’s language!

Develop a deeper awareness
of your body.

I want you to experience more than just
temporary relief.

Each body responds to demand differently and comes up with unique coping mechanisms that usually go unnoticed – for a while.

But if you are experiencing pain and movement restrictions, you need to learn how your body is moving well, how it isn’t, and what you can do about it.

I can teach you how to use constructive rest, breath and mindful mobility to guide yourself away from pain.

I have completed extensive training in applying yoga therapeutically and I incorporate this into my massage therapy appointments. 

Exploring your unique mobility needs serves as assessment, active therapy and home care education within the context of an RMT appointment. It also lays the foundation for a safe and varied yoga practice, if that is something you desire.

How much time we spend on mobility vs massage will depend on your goals and preferences.

Heather is building a series of videos to follow at home, and occasionally group classes may be held (virtually) – Watch for this in the online booking.

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Location & Contact

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Online booking is the quickest and easiest way to hold your spot. If you have any specific questions you’d like to discuss before booking, you can contact us directly. We’ll always do our best to answer you promptly!

Where: We are located up stairs at 1507D McPhee Avenue, Courtenay, BC, directly across the street from Courtenay Elementary School.

Parking: We have two designated parking spots 6 spaces back against the chainlink fence beside the building. Street parking available if both are in use.

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