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The Importance Of Showing Yourself Grace

It's February, and I'm struggling to find my mojo...

You see, I’m typically planning my online content a month or so in advance – It gives me wiggle room.

That wiggle room has come in handy this season!

That’s because each year I notice the grey weather affecting me a little bit more than the last. This winter, as we went into December and January, I was plugging along, but noticing that things took more effort. I felt ok about what I was creating, but that I wasn’t quite delivering it in the way I had envisioned when I first made my plans. 

And then late January/early February arrived and I fully hit a wall. Motivation, energy, ideas, inspiration. Nada. 

And here’s the thing – I’m a very self-motivated person. Normally, if I’m dropping the ball, I hear that voice in my head saying, “Whoops! I’m struggling a bit here… I need to make sure I don’t get TOO far behind”. All the while trusting that inspiration will strike and I’ll get it done in time. 

This time around? I noticed myself struggling AND I kind of didn’t care that the inspiration may not come, and I might not get the things done.

Mildly freeing, in a way…

But the complete lack of ‘umph’ is very much not me. 

Being at work and simple hobbies at home were fine – but as far as exercising, doing bigger projects, tackling things that required more focus or effort, and work tasks outside of office hours? No chance! Never mind getting blogs and social media posts ready for April…

And you know what? That’s ok, because ultimately, social media, YouTube practices and blog posts aren’t a make-it-or-break-it part of my business. They’re the cherry on top. They’re a fun, creative outlet that compliment what I do, and I’m not terribly amazing at any of them anyway, haha. As long as the really important things were getting done, I wasn’t too worried.

Anyways, I recognized that if I tried to push through just for the sake of it, I wasn’t going to feel good about the quality of writing or content that I put out. 

So I’ve opted to pivot and speak to what I’m going through right now. 

Deciding to do this has been extremely helpful, and writing the content was easier, because it felt so relevant. 

If the sun did come out, I took advantage of the extra energy and motivation and went for some long walks. I didn’t feel guilty about leaving the house instead of chaining myself to my computer to finally get some work done while my brain actually felt ‘online’. 

And so, this is my blog post for April – even though the weather will (hopefully) be much nicer by the time you’re reading this and I will most likely be back to my self.

My Facebook content is going to be minimal, and it’s going to be about opportunities to show yourself grace. 

My YouTube videos are going to be practices that I’m not going to plan ahead of time.. I’m just going to put on my mic, roll out my mat, turn on my camera, and do what feels right in the moment. I have no clue how long they’ll be, I have no clue how repetitive they’ll be, and I have no clue if they’ll be ‘explanatory’ and educational, or simply a sequence. Time will tell!

I do believe that there is a time and a place to push, hold ourselves accountable, and challenge ourselves so that we grow… But I think it’s even more important to recognize the moments when the wise thing to do is to slow down, take the pressure off, rest and care for ourselves – trusting that at some point, we’ll get our mojo back BECAUSE we stopped trying to force it. 

So, while MY inspiration and energy has taken a hit from the grey weather, for you, it might be an injury that is holding you back from something you really want to get back to. Rushing back into that activity may just make things worse! It is probably better to take things slow, do your rehab, and recondition yourself properly. Show yourself some grace, and trust that with time, you will be closer to your goals.

After all, when we try to force something, it’s very easy to ‘mess up’, re-injure, or simply feel tempted to redo our work because we’re not happy with it. Ironically, this means that in the end means the whole process actually takes way longer than if we had just taken things slow and step by step in the first place! 

So now I’ll ask you; where can you show yourself some grace today?

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