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Written by Heather

Down the Ladder

We mostly pay attention to odd sensations in our bodies once they’re annoying enough to be worth noting. And we tend to procrastinate actually doing something

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Remember to Breathe

It’s amazing how many people don’t breathe. It just happens, automatically. The not breathing. Which is ironic considering breathing is an automated function in our

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Relief Vs Belief

We both know that you can get relief. A temporary reprieve from the worst of your symptoms – if not all of them. But do you truly

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Quick to Forget

Recovery from an injury and management of a chronic condition is not a straight climb.There are peaks, valleys and plateaus. Some days are good. Some days suck. But

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Poking the Bear

Unpleasant sensations like pain can stir up a whole lot of stuff once triggered. Muscle tension. Spasming. Pain referrals. Headaches. Tingling and numbness… All sorts. At the

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The Power Within You

‘Taking control of your health’ means reminding ourselves of our innate ability to heal and feel. You are powerful, with many defensive mechanisms allowing you

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If you are in a car accident, ICBC will automatically grant you 12 visits with an RMT, chiropractor, physiotherapist, acupuncturist… possibly others (don’t quote me

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Yellow Lights

If you consider the sensations in your body as a sliding scale, those sensations can be seen as tools rather than nuisances.  If you learn

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