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Embracing Challenge: When Stress is Used for Good

The word ‘Stress’ gets a bad wrap – poor guy… Most minds immediately go to the kind of stress concerning things like bills, confrontation, deadlines, and big responsibilities. But stress – or ‘a stressor’ – is actually just an umbrella term for any event, circumstance, or condition that triggers a response – be it physical, … Read more

3 instances your body is trying to help you, if you’d just be willing to listen

When you hear the word ‘injury’, what comes to mind? Is it something really sudden? Obvious? Is it identifiable? One moment you were fine, and the next you weren’t? Most people’s minds immediately go to something big – a broken bone from a fall, a sprained ankle from stepping off a curb, or a car … Read more

Getting started; when pain makes moving scary

Being in pain, unable to move properly, or simply existing in a constant state of discomfort is frustrating and exhausting.  Not knowing where to start, what to try, or what to avoid is daunting and confusing…  And then there’s the fear that exercise or some other intervention will just make things worse.  And yet, to … Read more

Quick to Forget

Recovery from an injury and management of a chronic condition is not a straight climb.There are peaks, valleys and plateaus. Some days are good. Some days suck. But the fact that you’ve HAD good days, means you can have more of them. To have more of the good days for longer is a process, and it takes work and … Read more

Poking the Bear

Unpleasant sensations like pain can stir up a whole lot of stuff once triggered. Muscle tension. Spasming. Pain referrals. Headaches. Tingling and numbness… All sorts. At the same time, challenge brings about change. But challenge doesn’t have to hurt… Soaring past your current capacity (or ‘poking the bear’) is more likely to intensify your symptoms, and trigger coping mechanisms … Read more


If you are in a car accident, ICBC will automatically grant you 12 visits with an RMT, chiropractor, physiotherapist, acupuncturist… possibly others (don’t quote me on that last bit). HOWEVER! And this is a very big, nightmarish and important however.  IF your car accident had anything to do with work, and therefore will likely lead … Read more

Yellow Lights

If you consider the sensations in your body as a sliding scale, those sensations can be seen as tools rather than nuisances.  If you learn how to read this sliding scale, you will better know where you are between feeling really good, and feeling really bad.  You will have the opportunity to choose whether you … Read more