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Why We Might Visit A Movement More Than Once

Imagine you’ve been working with your therapist – be it massage, physio, yoga or otherwise – and you’ve been incorporating movement into your treatment plan.  You’re noticing improvements.  Improvements in your stability, your strength, your flexibility. A decrease in your pain, stiffness, your fatigue.  You’re feeling empowered, because you know that while your therapist offered … Read more

3 Reasons I Love a Micro Practice

I LOVE micro practice! A quick little interlude in my day, and then I carry on… In all honesty, even as a yoga teacher/yoga therapist, it’s not very often that I pull out my mat and do a fully committed yoga practice for an hour. You’re more likely to find me doing 2-5 minute practices … Read more

Yoga Therapy – What Is It REALLY?

It’s not your typical yoga class… When most people think of ‘yoga’, there’s a pretty common image that comes to mind; a group of people flowing from one pose to the next, while the teacher calls out cues.  But when I start talking about the therapeutic yoga that I offer and how it might help … Read more

2 Reasons Your Results May Fade Over Time

How many times has this happened to you… You finally get some of relief you’ve been looking for and then… You feel it slipping away… Well, I can relate, and I’ll explain by telling you a bit about something I’ve recently experienced in my own body. My ankle has been ‘locked up’ for years now… … Read more

Good Movement for Joint Health

Have you ever gotten in or out of your car, reached for a plate on a high shelf, or moved laundry from one machine to the next and felt… awkward? Your joints may benefit from some TLC! There are many aspects to good joint health, but in particular, I have seen so much soreness, fatigue, … Read more

Are compensations bad?

Compensations are not bad. There are moments where we need our bodies to creatively help us ‘get the job done’. The problems arise when those compensation patterns become our default way of moving all the time. Parts of the body that aren’t meant for a particular task, or not meant to be the main ‘driver’ of … Read more