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Why We Might Visit A Movement More Than Once

Imagine you’ve been working with your therapist – be it massage, physio, yoga or otherwise – and you’ve been incorporating movement into your treatment plan.  You’re noticing improvements.  Improvements in your stability, your strength, your flexibility. A decrease in your pain, stiffness, your fatigue.  You’re feeling empowered, because you know that while your therapist offered … Read more

Your Life and the Radio Dial Analogy

Your life and the radio dial analogy: Tuning into your body’s signals When it comes to exercising, stretching, and generally monitoring the body’s state, many people start off with what I call the “on/off switch” approach. They go from zero to 100. From feeling pretty good to having pain. Just. Like. *That* (Did you hear … Read more

2 Props I Wish I Chose Differently

Yoga props… There is a misconception that yoga props are ‘cheating’. But this simply isn’t true. In fact, yoga props can deepen your practice! They allow you to move within your body’s true abilities, find ease through the journey in and out of positions, or feel better supported in the shape of a posture. They … Read more

Why are you asking me to keep movements small when I can move so much more?

When you’re wanting to resolve symptoms that are disrupting your quality of life, I start by looking at how the different joints in your body are moving on their own.  This gives us an idea of what’s moving well, what isn’t, and where the compensations are happening that are leading to your symptoms.  What you … Read more