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Where: We are located up stairs at 1507D McPhee Avenue, Courtenay, BC, directly across the street from Courtenay Elementary School.

Parking: We have two designated parking spots 6 spaces back against the chainlink fence beside the building. Street parking available if both are in use.

The Practice

A massage therapist’s scope of practice is the assessment, treatment and prevention of dysfunction, injury and pain in soft tissues using movement, remedial exercise and manual techniques. 

The Hands-On

The purpose of the hands-on massage is to calm the nervous system, decrease muscular guarding and lessen symptom intensity so you can move more freely and better practice self-care. 

The Remedial Exercise

This is the ingredient with the biggest, long-term impact, so it’s important to take the time with your massage therapist to go over what you can do at home to facilitate better movement and symptom relief whenever you need it. 

The Take Home

Effective and long lasting symptom management happens at home and out in the world by incorporating it into the things you love to do. The body and mind learn and adapt best with repetition and awareness, so do some every day!

The Goldilocks Principle

Change doesn’t happen without a little challenge. Find your edge. It may feel uncomfortable or awkward, but it shouldn’t make your symptoms worse. If you feel your body tensing or straining, or you feel increased pain or breath holding, back off until that feeling eases. To improve, it’s important that the nervous system feels safe. 

The Discovery

Sometimes, more time is needed to really find the root of the issue. Using one treatment to almost entirely focus on how you are or are not moving and how to resolve it can be the best use of your time and money. Heather offers Discovery treatments specifically for this purpose, but really, you can ask any massage therapist to do this with you at any appointment. 

60 minutes 105$

90 minutes 160$

Billable to insurance.

Develop a deeper awareness
of your body.

We want you to experience more than just temporary relief.

We have a desire to help you get more active in your own management and spend time on the therapeutic exercise side of your treatments.

We’re all for empowering our patients, helping you to feel better, become self-reliant, and not develop a long-term dependency on your therapist when it isn’t needed.

Please feel free to ask your therapist if you can take a photo or video of your recommended self-care to refer to later! 

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