Offering Registered Massage Therapy & Yoga Therapy in Courtenay BC

Find ease & power in your swing!

BodyWell - Massage & Movement Therapy

BodyWell is home to a small team of BC Registered Massage Therapists and one Certified Yoga Therapist.

BC RMT’s use assessment, hands on treatment and therapeutic exercise recommendations to help you

  • Enhance performance of your activity 
  • Aid faster and more efficient recovery from your activity
  • Reduce the risk of injury
  • Improve the speed and quality of recovery from an injury
A golfer’s goals may include more ease and range in the shoulder girdles and improved spinal twist for their swing, as well as hip care and mobility for those who like to walk the course. Loosen up and rejuvenate those muscles for a more enjoyable game!

Want to move with more ease and power?

The human body is an amazing thing with so many moving parts that all need to work together to create functional movement. 

When you start to break things down by isolating and observing movement at individual joints, you begin to notice where movement isn’t happening like you thought it was AND where it’s happening instead. 

As each joint regains access to its intended ranges of motion, you’ll quickly begin to feel more coordination, ease and power in your complex movements!

How we can help...

As mentioned above, each of our therapists is trained to provide assessment and home care recommendations, which can include therapeutic exercise. 

But if you really want to take it an extra step,  you might want to check out what Heather has to offer.

Heather is the owner of BodyWell and is a BC RMT and Certified Yoga Therapist. There are two ways to work with her…

  1. As a massage therapist: Heather is happy to spend as little or as much time as you want focusing on mobility and then the rest on hands on work. It all depends on your preferences, goals and needs. The mobility work satisfies the assessment and home care requirements she must fulfill as an RMT.
  2. As a yoga therapist: Heather loves spending quality time exploring people’s movement patterns and discovering what’s moving well, what could use some work, and overall, helping people reclaim and/or improve their function. This is where you can really dig into breaking things down to component movements and discovering exactly what is moving well and what isn’t. 

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