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RMT graduate of WCCMT, Victoria 2009 – Member in good standing with the CMTBC

RYT 200 graduate of Red Door Yoga, Nanaimo, 2018

Currently completing Yoga Therapy certification through Functional Synergy, 2021-2022

250-650-9272 heathergreenrmt@gmail.com

Heather Green RMT

Every person’s experience is unique and constantly changing. My aim is to help people develop a deeper awareness and clarity about their symptoms. The ultimate goal is to help people find confidence and safety within themselves.

Passive treatments like massage therapy can provide a lot of benefit, but they’re a temporary fix. What creates actual change is developing better connections and recognizing the habitual movements, thoughts and expectations that create the symptoms in the first place. 

People are often surprised by how much better their symptoms have decreased by the end of a therapeutic movement session alone!

I look forward to further directing my practice towards movement exploration with people who are curious about how the body works and want to take a bigger role in in their ability to feel better.

There are a few different ways to work with me and they are all summarized below. 

If you have any questions or concerns before we get started, please feel free to get a hold of me and I’d be happy to answer any questions you have.


Group Therapeutic Movement

This is the most cost effective way to work with me.

Class themes will vary, but don’t get caught up in the name or theme of the class. Anyone can benefit from moving any part of their body with more ease. 

For instance, even if you don’t work a desk job, you can still get a lot out of a workshop called, ‘For Those Who Sit’.

Newsletter subscribers will get monthly announcements of upcoming classes. 

1:1 Therapeutic Movement

Want to work one to one to hone your awareness and get sustainable results?

We can do that!

Learn how you can create relief for yourself at home whenever you need it. You’ve got the power!

30 and 60 minute options are available, in person or virtually. (I do really recommend going for the hour…) 

Mondays and Fridays are exclusively available for virtual sessions and need to be booked by contacting me via phone or email. 

Massage & Movement

These appointments come at a higher cost, however, they can be billed to insurance, ICBC and MSP. 

1. In a ‘regular massage appointment’, I pull from my movement therapy knowledge to provided a necessary but quick assessment. This helps with developing an effective treatment plan for you. 

2. In a ‘Discovery appointment’, time will be split more evenly between movement and massage. This gives you the best of both worlds: Passive symptom relief through massage, and improved awareness and sustainable results through movement. 

BodyWell (the clinic)

Yoga Therapy with Heather

I have been going to Heather for massage therapy for several years now, and she is the best I've been to. After years powerlifting and working a heavy labor job, I had ignored and struggled with many injuries including a bad back that would cause me to miss work frequently before I started seeing her. Not only is her massage fantastic for helping loosen and relax sore muscles, buts he has also showed me how to stretch and use some yoga poses at home which has helped me be able to stay much more active. I highly recommend Heather.
Ray G
I have been a patient of Heather’s since 2013. I was looking for a massage therapist who would work with me to ease my aches and pains – as well as provide a pampered experience. Heather not only works on your sore points but gives you tips and simple “do anywhere” exercises to work on between sessions. I followed her suggestions about exercise and life style changes – she even introduced me to a new tea! Going to Heather is not a massage it is a life experience. Keep up the good work,
Carol L
I have various aches and pains that go along with sitting for a living, and while Heather massages these away, she also gives me exercises I can do at work and home to manage my back, hip, shoulder and wrist pain. Recently she created a personalized video to help me with body and movement awareness exercises we did in a discovery treatment. There's no cardio involved and it's not hard, but leaves me feeling relief and exercised. I highly recommend Heather to anyone who has chronic or acute pain and is looking for relief in treatment and at home.
Sandra S

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