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Registered Massage Therapy
Student of Yoga Therapy
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Heather is passionate about teaching people how to guide themselves away from pain and discomfort. She has provided people with relief through massage therapy for years – but this relief is often only temporary. By teaching people how to connect to their bodies and better feel the qualities of their movements, they are actually identifying and addressing the things that trigger their symptoms in the first place. As a result, day to day experiences begin to transform.      

Your experience in your body holds a lot of the answers you are seeking. Learn your body’s language. 

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RMT graduate of WCCMT, Victoria 2009. RYT 200 graduate of Red Door Yoga, Nanaimo, 2018. Currently completing Yoga Therapy certification through Functional Synergy, 2021-2022

1:1 Therapeutic Movement

Take a more tailored dive into your movement patterns and awareness. Learn how to use gentle movements to provide the relief you need under your own power. This is the path to true change and more sustainable results. 

Virtual or in-person.

Group Therapeutic Movement

These group classes are done online. They explore broader topics and body structures. Dip your toes into the water and see what this can do for you, what it looks like, and how easy and comfortable it actually is.


Combining therapeutic movement with massage....

RMTs are required to provide assessment and rehabilitative recommendations at each appointment, alongside the manual therapy. 

Heather’s preferred method of accomplishing this is to incorporate neuromuscular repatterning and body awareness into her massages.

Your goals, interests and how well managed (or new) your symptoms are will determine how time is divided.

Yoga-Based Movement Rates

Massage Therapy Rates

Scheduled time includes assessment, treatment, homecare, billing and pre-booking. 

General Cancellation Policy

An RMT must provide assessment and rehabilitative recommendations
at each appointment.



Movement & Massage: I have been going to Heather for massage therapy for several years now, and she is the best I’ve been to. After years powerlifting and working a heavy labor job, I had ignored and struggled with many injuries including a bad back that would cause me to miss work frequently before I started seeing her. Not only is her massage fantastic for helping loosen and relax sore muscles, but she has also showed me how to stretch and use some yoga poses at home which has helped me be able to stay much more active. I highly recommend Heather. – Ray G. 

Group Class: These classes are therapeutic and aimed at helping you understand what your body is doing and to recognize what it feels like if you’ve gone too far. It’s not a traditional yoga class as such, but uses elements of traditional yoga poses to help you understand your body and how it moves. I experienced improvement in my hips and shoulders. In fact, I do some of the exercises at work for relief throughout the day. The classes were very thorough, and well explained. – Patty D.

1:1 Movement: This is a different approach to therapy. It’s not at all cardiovascular and I am never sore after a session. You don’t realize what’s causing much of your discomfort until you try this and your pain stops. – Sandra S. 

Movement & Massage: I have been a patient of Heather’s since 2013. I was looking for a massage therapist who would work with me to ease my aches and pains – as well as provide a pampered experience.

Heather not only works on your sore points but gives you tips and simple “do anywhere” exercises to work on between sessions. I followed her suggestions about exercise and life style changes – she even introduced me to a new tea! – Carol L.

Group Class: These classes are not a regular flow type yoga class. They go slower and focus on how your body moves and how to work with different body parts to strengthen, improve movement, and reduce pain. What stood out to me was my increased awareness of how my spine and surrounding body parts were moving and interacting with each other. Especially the shoulder blade/spine connection. – Judy G.

Movement & Massage: Heather listened closely to my descriptions of my problem areas and then came up with movements to address each one. It’s like taking your car mechanic out for a drive so he/she can actually hear what’s happening while you’re driving. Heather then used massage to further focus on on these areas.  – Client Testimonial

Movement & Massage: I have been a massage client of Heather’s for years. Following an injury, I began utilizing her massage and movement therapy sessions for muscle relaxation and to regain joint range of motion and functionality. Integrating the movement therapy with massage allowed the treatment to be even more effective and pain-relieving, and has restored my ability to return to the activities I love. Heather is incredibly resourceful and will work with you to target troublesome areas with therapeutic movement which can be done from home in order to prolong the benefits of her treatments. – Mackenzie W. 

1:1 Movement: I enjoyed that it was one on one and I didn’t have to leave my house to do a class. Heather is super knowledgeable and when she gets excited about explaining things it makes it fun to learn. I gained a deeper understanding of how the body moves as a whole, and if one part doesn’t move as freely as it should, how the body as a whole will respond. -Stef H.

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