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Cancellations & No Shows & What happens if you’re sick

We have a 48hr cancellation policy

Your appointment time is set aside just for you. Short notice cancellations or simply not showing up leaves a gap in your therapists day that is difficult if not impossible to fill.

Late cancellations will be billed 50% of the treatment’s cost, unless we are able to fill it.

No shows ill be billed 100% of the treatment’s cost, regardless of the reason.

*These fees cannot be billed to insurance. They are the responsibility of the patient.

What if you're sick?!

We all need to stay as healthy as possible and do our best to avoid colds, flus, covid, or any other contagious respiratory disease.

This means that we cannot provide treatment to someone who shows up sick.

Since this scenario would leave us with no time to fill the space, the appointment would be billed as a ‘No Show’.

The late cancellation fee will be waived for those who contact their therapist and give them the opportunity to fill the space. 

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