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The Embodied Awareness Trilogy

Learn Your Body's Language

Are you ready to kick your aches and pains to the curb? Get ahead of what sets them off?

Step One: Hear Your Body's Message

First, it’s important to get in the habit of checking in with yourself a few times a day – To take note of how you’re feeling and what you’ve been up to. 

It’s easy to get sucked into the vortex that is your day, but if you have an idea of the types of things that cause your discomforts, you will be more likely to pay attention when it matters most. 

Step Two: Feel Your Body's Message

Now it’s time to take all that information you collected in hindsight, and start feeling it in the moment. 

Get reconnected with your body – tune in to all the individual parts that create the whole. Broaden your attention; notice that what you do with one part of your body has a ripple effect. 

Your symptoms may be coming from unexpected places!

Step Three: Speak Your Body's Language

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