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Learn your body's language

Yoga Therapy

Many people struggle to get the lasting relief they're looking for...

You are not broken.

Each body responds to demand differently and comes up with unique coping mechanisms that go unnoticed – for a while.

But if you are experiencing pain and obvious movement restrictions, those coping mechanisms are on their way to becoming repetitive strain injuries.

Re-establish trust in your body.

You can feel liberated and confident.

Learn what creative work-arounds your body uses to complete daily tasks. 

Use breath, rest and movement to create ease and healthier mobility for relief that sticks around.


Work with Heather to incorporate Yoga Therapy into your care.

There are two ways we can do this...

Yoga Therapy Focus

We will spend the full session exploring your movement, compensation and gripping patterns.

You will learn how to feel for and utilize smaller ranges of motion that do not increase your symptoms.

*Yoga Therapy on it’s own is not billable to insurance.

Yoga Therapy blended into a massage appointment

When Yoga Therapy concepts are incorporated into a massage appointment, they serve as the assessment and home care recommendations an RMT must provide.

Book a massage with Heather and let her know you'd like to blend Yoga into the treatment time.

*These sessions can be billed to insurance as massage therapy.

Your lived experience holds a lot of the answers you are seeking

Learn your body's language

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