Contact Heather to inquire

Or call 250-650-9272

BodyWell has space for a third laid back and independent RMT in good standing who likes to take care of their own clients/business. We foster an environment where we look out for each other, learn from each other, and as needed, refer to each other.

We are a happy clinic with a good ‘word of mouth’ reputation in the community, and keep a space that both therapists and patients enjoy spending time in. 

Many of our patients comment how simply stepping into our space helps them feel relaxed and calm.

Rent is based on $50/day, averaged out over the year to give you a flat monthly rent that’s easy to budget for. 

A room is available for use on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, (not Wednesdays), Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays – Pick your schedule and your hours! 3 days/week minimum please.

We have a private washroom in our clinic, lots of windows along the front of the building that let in plenty of natural daylight to the shared spaces, and a great pilates studio as neighbours. 

There are a number of things provided to the space that associates can use and/or benefit from. 

Collaboration and suggestions for growth is also very welcome. 

  • General cleaning supplies
  • Electric tables
  • Jane App
  • A large space equipped with props for assessment and movement therapy
  • A website
  • A Facebook page
  • Mini fridge and microwave

You bring:

  • A laptop or tablet and POS system 
  • Your preferred sheets and laundry management (there’s a good local laundry service you could use)
  • Your preferred lotion or oil
  • Anything extra you like to incorporate into your treatments
  • PPE 

You are welcome to have your own website, Facebook page or marketing strategies if you want to. Your own website can be linked to your bio page on the clinic site, and you’re welcome to share posts from the clinic Facebook page to yours, or from yours to the clinic page. 

We are all about collaboration, but also encouraging independence, individuality and autonomy. 

Experienced practitioners and new graduates are welcome to apply.