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Getting started; when pain makes moving scary

Being in pain, unable to move properly, or simply existing in a constant state of discomfort is frustrating and exhausting. 

Not knowing where to start, what to try, or what to avoid is daunting and confusing… 

And then there’s the fear that exercise or some other intervention will just make things worse. 

And yet, to do nothing doesn’t address the issue either. 

In fact, moving less, ‘baby-ing’ the area and avoiding the problem all together just creates more widespread stiffness and pain over time!

Isn’t that unfortunate? What instinctively feels safest just leads to more of the same!

Luckily, there are ways to make movement feel less scary, and more approachable. 

Some of the biggest benefits of massage therapy are decreasing soreness, muscle tension, joint stiffness and anxiety. With some relief gained, moving around becomes a little easier. But the effects of a massage are only temporary. 

A key in turning around pain and protective behaviours is finding ways to create a bit of ease and symptom relief for yourself when you need it… And then using the opportunity to keep moving. 

Bringing your nervous system into ‘rest and digest’ is ultimately what will make your body receptive to rehabilitation, after all. 

There are lots of ways your massage therapist can help you incorporate stretches and gentle movements into your self care that you are comfortable with. This is not necessarily ‘exercise’ in the way you might think! There are many ways to create lasting change through action.

One approach is Yoga therapy

At its core, Yoga is about connecting the mind and the body. It’s about building awareness and being intentional with rest, breath and movement. 

Yoga can also bring a lot of the relief and softening that passive therapies like massage provide, but it also incorporates change from within.

When using yoga therapeutically, the positioning, support used, and chosen movements are tailored to your needs, using more strategy and specificity. It is not just a flowing sequence of poses. 

Risk of re-injury or aggravation is extremely low, so long as movements are done within a range that does not increase symptoms. 

Massage and Yoga make for a life changing combination!

Our team of Registered Massage Therapists are all happy to work with you, and if Yoga Therapy sounds like something you’d like to try, Heather has taken additional training in this area. 

This blog entry was written by Heather and is based on what she has seen work and not work for her clientele for over a decade. She is a career student who keeps her massage and yoga therapy training current, and does her best to keep up with the newest research and evidence that is constantly being released.

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