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Why We Might Visit A Movement More Than Once

Imagine you’ve been working with your therapist – be it massage, physio, yoga or otherwise – and you’ve been incorporating movement into your treatment plan. 

You’re noticing improvements. 

Improvements in your stability, your strength, your flexibility. A decrease in your pain, stiffness, your fatigue. 

You’re feeling empowered, because you know that while your therapist offered you a lot of insight and information, you have done this yourself. You have put in the work, moved your body, taught it new things, and reaped the rewards. 

You go in for another session, feeling like you’re really finding your stride – making progress… And your therapist wants to revisit something you did waaaaayyyyy at the beginning. 

What?!? Aren’t you passed this yet? Haven’t you progressed? Aren’t you ready for more? Bigger, better things? Something harder? Something more advanced?!?

You feel discouraged. Maybe you aren’t doing as well as you thought. Maybe you’ve regressed? No… no that’s not it. But maybe your therapist doesn’t realize how far you’ve come!

I can assure you, that’s not it at all!

There are so many ways an exercise or stretch can be used...

  • Little tweaks to the positioning. 
  • A focus on what a different part of your body is doing during the exercise. 
  • A new layer of challenge to add. 

What’s actually happening, is your therapist is showing you how you can refine. How you can squeeze more out of this one thing you are already familiar with. How much deeper this exercise can really go. How diverse it is, and how diverse YOU are!

Put another way; it doesn’t mean you’ve plateaued or you’re moving backwards – it actually means we can take something that we merely dipped our toes into before, and take it a little deeper now – your capacity has grown, your awareness has grown, and you are ready for more of what that one exercise has to offer.

We are never done learning, growing or improving…. And sometimes, when you come back to something ‘old’ that feels familiar (and perhaps a bit boring), you can see it from a whole new light. The ‘old version’ you did before doesn’t require as much of your concentration, and so now, you can broaden your horizons. 

And thank goodness! Doesn’t it sound so much more time efficient and less overwhelming to have 2 or 3 movements you can get a dozen or more benefits or focuses out of, rather than having to remember 20 different exercises for 20 different things and then have to fit them into your week somehow?!

Similar questions may come up when one therapist shows you something very similar to an exercise another therapist already gave you. One version isn’t better than the other – they’re just a little different! Coming at things from a slightly different angle, or with a slightly different focus or purpose. Maybe one version simply removes a little bit of challenge so that it’s more attainable at this point in your journey. The two versions you’ve been given don’t need to be in conflict with one another – they can compliment and bolster one another! 

So don’t get discouraged, and don’t worry yourself. If a therapist shows you something you feel is ‘old news’, keep an open mind. It might just be what helps you take things to the next level.

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