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Heather Green RMT

Every person’s experience within their own body is unique and constantly changing. My aim is to use massage therapy and movement to help people develop a deeper inner awareness so that they can better learn about themselves and reclaim a feeling of power over their own wellness.

Developing a positive mental dialogue, redirecting expectations and beliefs about pain and movement and regaining trust in our bodies’ abilities to heal are paramount to wellness.

A solid 60 minutes spent passive on the massage table can feel wonderful, and for those living with insomnia, anxiety and stress, as examples, it can be just the ticket. But for those living with a fear or lack of movement because pain stops them, the relief achieved from a massage is only temporary. Another side to the treatment needs to happen, and it takes place off the table, being active.

I look forward to further directing my practice towards movement exploration, particularly with those living with acute or chronic pain.

With individuals who are ready to take a more hands on approach, I want to use our time together to explore their situation both on and off the massage table. Finding ways improve confidence and awareness, and to reintroduce movement in a safe and pain free way will allow a person to be their own therapist every single day.

Andrea Thornton RMT

Andrea has been living in the beautiful Comox Valley since 1998 and happily calls this place home. 

She has been practicing therapeutic massage since 2011. She was trained in a 3000 hour massage therapy diploma program offered through West Coast College of Massage Therapy in Victoria. After  graduating in 2010, Andrea returned to the Comox Valley to begin a rewarding career in healthcare. 

During treatments, she uses a variety of treatment styles. She works with all types of conditions and aches and pains. Pregnancy & post partum massage have become very dear to her over the years.

Andrea enjoys continuing her education of therapeutic massage through workshops. Later this spring she is taking another somatics workshop to deepen her knowledge of the movement therapy.

Andrea divides her time as an RMT and a mother to a wonderful toddler and an artsy teenage stepdaughter.

What do our clients have to say?

I have been receiving treatment from Andrea Thornton at Bodywell since June 2017, due to back and neck pain stemming from a motor vehicle accident. Andrea is not only a knowledgeable and incredible massage therapist, but she is a kind, empathetic, and respectful individual. As I have told many friends and family, “the best my back ever feels is following a service with Andrea” and I would not hesitate to recommend a treatment with her to anyone. It is the best investment that you can make and your body and spirit will thank you.
Jessica M
I have been a patient of Heather’s since 2013. I was looking for a massage therapist who would work with me to ease my aches and pains – as well as provide a pampered experience. Heather not only works on your sore points but gives you tips and simple “do anywhere” exercises to work on between sessions. I followed her suggestions about exercise and life style changes – she even introduced me to a new tea! Going to Heather is not a massage it is a life experience. Keep up the good work,
Carol L
I have been going to Andrea for the past 3 years for shoulder and lower back pain with loss mobility, which I had struggled with for over 10 years. As well as massage therapy, Andrea has educated me with stretches and to help to with pain management. She has also seen both my son and daughter regularly as well, especially when they have been competing in their choice of athletics, Thanks so much Andrea we couldn't do it without you
I have been going to Heather for massage therapy for several years now, and she is the best I've been to. After years powerlifting and working a heavy labor job, I had ignored and struggled with many injuries including a bad back that would cause me to miss work frequently before I started seeing her. Not only is her massage fantastic for helping loosen and relax sore muscles, buts he has also showed me how to stretch and use some yoga poses at home which has helped me be able to stay much more active. I highly recommend Heather.
Ray G
Andrea made me feel completely relaxed, she was very intuitive to my muscles and provided me with immediate relief. She also gave me some good stretches to do at home to help prevent this pain from occurring again. I highly recommend you book with her!
I have various aches and pains that go along with sitting for a living, and while Heather massages these away, she also gives me exercises I can do at work and home to manage my back, hip, shoulder and wrist pain. Recently she created a personalized video to help me with body and movement awareness exercises we did in a discovery treatment. There's no cardio involved and it's not hard, but leaves me feeling relief and exercised. I highly recommend Heather to anyone who has chronic or acute pain and is looking for relief in treatment and at home.
Sandra S

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