Offering Registered Massage Therapy & Yoga Therapy in Courtenay BC

Rates - Billing - Policies

Rates as of September 1, 2023

Scheduled time includes assessment, treatment, homecare, billing and pre-booking. 

*In Massage/Yoga Therapy Blended appointments, the Yoga Therapy components serve as assessment and home care instruction.

48hr Cancellation Policy

But what if you’re sick?!

Please call your therapist to reschedule if you are sick – even if it’s just a cold. They will waive the late cancellation fee if you give them this opportunity to fill the spot.

We cannot provide treatment to someone who shows up sick. Since this scenario would leave us no time to fill the space, the appointment would be billed as a ‘No Show’.

Direct Billing for RMT services

Direct billing is available to most insurers. If your therapist is unable to direct bill to your insurer, they will provide you with a receipt that you can submit yourself. 

ICBC Claims

All of our therapists can help you with your MVA symptom recovery.

Heather, Gina and Alison provide direct billing.

WCB Claims

None of our therapists work directly with WCB and therefore cannot treat the area(s) involved in an active claim.

We can work on unrelated areas.

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