Offering Registered Massage Therapy & Yoga Therapy in Courtenay BC

Communicable Diseases

The most impactful thing we can do to avoid the spread of communicable diseases is to stay home when sick.

Given the close proximity nature of our work, we ask that our patients call us to cancel if they wake up feeling unwell. 

Please try to give us as much time as possible. 

To make sure the correct therapist is notified as soon as possible, it’s best if you reach them directly. You can text or phone:

Heather:  250-650-9292  |  Lorraine: 604-722-3015  |  Alison: 778-986-3726  |  Gina: 778-997-0535


At this time (October 2nd, 2023) masks are mandated in facilities run by provincial health authorities, as well as long-term care homes.

They are not, however, mandated in private health care offices such as family doctor offices, dental offices and chiropractic offices, unless those individual businesses choose to enforce masking.

What is BodyWell doing?

At this time, we are not enforcing a clinic-wide masking policy – though masks are highly encouraged. 

Lorraine has asked her patients to mask for the duration of their treatment all along, and will continue to do so. 

Heather and Alison may choose to wear a mask in the treatment room, but won’t necessarily require the patient to do so.

Want to distance part of your treatment?

Both Heather and Alison have a real passion for movement therapy and helping people learn how to help themselves at home.

This provides the opportunity to spend more time out in the bigger room where there is more space and better ventilation.

Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene must be followed. 

Sanitizer is available at entrances and our washroom is at the far end of the clinic if you prefer soap and water. 

Practice Environment Cleaning

We continue to keep a clean environment – frequently attending to high touch surfaces. 

The treatment rooms are attended to between every appointment.