Not billable as registered massage therapy


Book an hour to focus solely on how your body is resting and moving. Bring suppleness and stability to muscles and joints, and improve the ease and safety within your body through movement.

This is a highly educational and effective way to spend your time that will compliment your goals in your massage appointments. 

Looking for an alternative to the close proximity nature of a massage? Social distancing can be maintained the entire time we are working together! 

&50.00 – 30 minutes (Virtual or In Person) $100.00 – 60 minutes (Virtual or In Person)


Yoga  workshops will appear in the online booking and be advertised on the Facebook page when they are set to happen. 

Scroll down the page for brief descriptions of topics we have covered before and will continue to offer.

yoga for Veterans

This series of classes is available to veterans and first responders to help alleviate and cope with physical pain and stress. A combination of breathing practices and gentle stretches and exercises which can be done on the floor or in a chair make this class very popular among those who’ve tried it! Service dogs are welcome.

12 classes – Funded by Spartan Wellness

Chair yoga (Virtual)

In these classes we will explore different ways you can use one, two and three chairs to modify, support or completely change the way you do yoga. Whether it’s nearby for balance, something to take some of your weight, or fully being sat on, we can use chairs to do balancing poses, lunges, hamstring stretches, folds and even some restorative stretches that would normally done on the ground!

5 classes – $60.00 total

Foundations of Yoga (Virtual)

This 8 class series builds up a safe and comfortable practice for absolute newbies. 

– Learn how your body does and doesn’t like to move. 

– Explore where there is flexibility in how a pose is practiced and what is truly a safety cue that should be followed.

– Learn the component pieces of common yoga poses and how to access them safely and effectively.

– Understand what common yoga cues mean.

– Explore how to use different props to support your practice.

– Participate in classes from the comfort of your own home and receive a recorded copy of the call for replay. 

Classes 1-6 will slowly build up your knowledge, experience and comfort levels and introduce you to 26 postures. The 7th class will be an actual Slow Hatha Flow style class to give you a taste of sequencing, and the 8th will be a nice, relaxing restorative experience. 

8 classes – $96.00 total

Yoga for pain care

Learn about the anatomy, physiology, asana practice, meditation and breathing practices that benefit persistent pain.

$108.00 total or $15.00 drop in

Cranky Wrists (Virtual)

If your wrists struggle with poses like downward dog, plank and cat and cow, this class is for you.

We will explore alternative ways to access these postures and their benefits without stressing out your wrists.

We will also explore what’s going on in the elbows, shoulder joints, shoulder blades and the spine to see if there’s any way to alleviate some of the source of your wrist pain. 

In planning…

Starting This Fall

Helena is excited to announce that she is offering a Veterans Pain Care Yoga class, sponsored by Spartan Wellness.

Who is it for?

It is FREE for all veterans, service members, RCMP, Paramedics and Fire members. 

How do you Book?

Registration is required for this class. Click the button to the right to visit BodyWell’s online booking page, and scroll down to ‘yoga’.

The Details

Contact Helena directly if you require assistance on 250-702-5925.

Currently limited to 5 participants. *Up a flight of stairs.

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