What does a yoga therapy session ACTUALLY look like?

A one-on-one movement (yoga) therapy session is not a private Hatha flow class. 

It’s all about digging into your symptoms, concerns and goals, and checking out how your body is actually moving. 

Do the muscles and joints involved in your goal actually have the capacity to do what you want them to do?

No matter what your goal is – pain relief, symptom management, strength, flexibility – the body needs to be moving well. 

A lot of it boils down to making sure the communication channels between the brain and your body parts are working efficiently. 

Imagine someone desperately trying to wiggle their ears, yet the ears remain perfectly still while the rest of their face wiggles around. 

This same concept happens all over the body. 

You can’t change what you don’t know about, and that’s where these sessions come in. 

We will spend a lot of time breaking down larger activities and movements into their component pieces. 

I will help you learn how to feel your body and it’s signals on a much deeper level. 

You will begin to take a new level of awareness into your day, and you will quickly discover that you have the ability to know what your current limits are and to avoid injury. 


This blog entry was written by Heather and is based on what she has seen work and not work for her clientele for over a decade. She is a career student who keeps her massage and yoga therapy training current, and does her best to keep up with the newest research and evidence that is constantly being released.

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