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March 2021 Classes - $10/class

Floor Work for the Hips & Spine – March 9th @ 6:00PM 

Have a block or two, a strap, two cushions or thick blankets and a chair handy for this class. 

Chair & Standing Work for the Spine & Arms – March 11th @ 6:00PM 

Have two chairs and a bit of wall or door that you can lean against nearby as well as a ball for this class. 

Warriors, Goddess and more… Pose Breakdown – March 18th @ 6:00PM

We will deconstruct and explore the building blocks to these popular yoga postures so that you feel more confident in your ability to participate without injury. Have a chair, a bit of wall, a strap and a broomstick nearby.

Approaching Standing Balance Poses… Pose Breakdown – March 23rd @6:00PM

We will deconstruct and explore the building blocks of some popular balancing postures using two chairs, a ball and a block. 

Hip Exploration (with a ball) – March 25th @ 6:00PM

We will be on the floor, against a wall, using a chair and standing in this class, exploring the movement that’s available in your hips and how the rest of your body responds to it. Have some wall, a ball, two blocks, a chair and a strap nearby.

Can't make a live class?

Classes will be recorded and available to registrants for 1 week. 

Zoom link and e-transfer instructions will be emailed to all participants the day before class. 

What do our clients have to say?

I have been going to Heather for massage therapy for several years now, and she is the best I've been to. After years powerlifting and working a heavy labor job, I had ignored and struggled with many injuries including a bad back that would cause me to miss work frequently before I started seeing her. Not only is her massage fantastic for helping loosen and relax sore muscles, buts he has also showed me how to stretch and use some yoga poses at home which has helped me be able to stay much more active. I highly recommend Heather.
Ray G
I have been a patient of Heather’s since 2013. I was looking for a massage therapist who would work with me to ease my aches and pains – as well as provide a pampered experience. Heather not only works on your sore points but gives you tips and simple “do anywhere” exercises to work on between sessions. I followed her suggestions about exercise and life style changes – she even introduced me to a new tea! Going to Heather is not a massage it is a life experience. Keep up the good work,
Carol L
I have various aches and pains that go along with sitting for a living, and while Heather massages these away, she also gives me exercises I can do at work and home to manage my back, hip, shoulder and wrist pain. Recently she created a personalized video to help me with body and movement awareness exercises we did in a discovery treatment. There's no cardio involved and it's not hard, but leaves me feeling relief and exercised. I highly recommend Heather to anyone who has chronic or acute pain and is looking for relief in treatment and at home.
Sandra S

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